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How FMSC Pivoted During the Pandemic

How FMSC Pivoted During the Pandemic

We are delighted to share a portion of a blog written by Lauren Rutledge for Global Impact. It has been edited for length. You can read the full article here.

FMSC is able to reach people in need around the world with the help of donors, partners and the volunteers who give their time to pack hundreds of millions of meals each year. So, when the charity was forced to close down their public meal packing in March due to COVID-19, they found themselves having to rethink their model and explore alternative packing solutions to continue safely producing meals for people in need.

Though initially optimistic that this would only be a brief break in its usual operations, the event closure ended up being extended from its initial three days, to a month – and then to the unforeseeable future.

Suddenly FMSC was faced with uncertainties: How could volunteers safely pack meals? How could FMSC receive the needed ingredients? Would they still be able to deliver meals to communities around the world?

But FMSC didn’t lose faith. They had weathered disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and droughts many times before – this crisis was not going to stop them from getting food to those in need.

Lauren goes on to highlight how we've been battling through uncertainty: Implementing alternative packing solutions and socially distanced meal packing. Read the full article here.

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