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Be a part of Something Greater

Be a part of Something Greater

“Hunger is the world’s biggest solvable problem.” — World Food Programme

The problem of hunger can feel overwhelming. Surging starvation rates. Entire populations straining under the weight of food insecurity. Reality looks bleak sometimes; we can’t pretend otherwise.

But you know we’re called to do something. You want to do something real. Something different. Something that makes a difference. Something that offers hope.

You’re invited to join Something Greater™, FMSC’s new monthly giving community.

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As a part of Something Greater, it’s not the size of your donation that matters — it’s the depth of our commitment, together. Side by side, month after month.

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The Something Greater community is a collective of individuals who believe that together, we can end extreme hunger and provide tangible hope for children around the world.

It’s people who know that poverty is complicated but hunger is solvable — one reliable meal at a time.

It’s people like you providing hope for children like Lisa.

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Lisa lives in Haiti — one of the most food-insecure countries in the world. In 2011, she enrolled in an elementary school run by FMSC food distribution partner L’Ecole de Choix.

Choix is a school, but more than that, it’s a haven.

They told us, “Our campus has become a safe space on which our students depend to be free from violence and trauma.”

And in Haiti, safe spaces like this can feel hard to come by. In addition to the continued impact of last year’s massive earthquake, the country is facing extraordinary poverty, hunger, violence and political unrest.

Providing dependable, nutritious MannaPack® meals helps Choix create a nurturing, reliable home base for the students they serve.

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Lisa is a 12th-grader now, enrolled in a local high school through Choix’s scholarship program. She says that this past year has been one of the most difficult of her life, but “Choix is a place I can always come to. Here I talk about things I don’t talk about anywhere else.”

She’s back on Choix campus twice a week for the after-school program. Each time, she has a meal, sees the school nurse, and studies with friends and professors.

Lisa said, “I have a lot of things to think and feel stress about. But … Choix will never throw me away. I have a place to go when I am sick or hungry. These things can make me feel calm again. It feels better knowing I have people I can trust.”

Choix told us, “It is due to our continued successful partnerships with organizations like Feed My Starving Children … that allow us to nurture our students like Lisa, inside and out.”

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Be a part of Something Greater

Dependable donations equip FMSC to stick with partners like L’Ecole de Choix. And those partners, in turn, stick with the kids, families and communities they serve through thick and thin.

As a part of Something Greater, it’s not the size of your donation that matters — it’s our consistency, together. Because when these gifts come together — month after month — we’ve seen they can do something incredible. Something sustainable. Something transformative. Something Greater.

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