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FMSC Hunger Bulletin | January 2023

FMSC Hunger Bulletin | January 2023

Each meal you pack, fund and pray over equips FMSC partners to do transformative work around the world. Hunger relief is usually just part of what our partners do — but food is the foundation for so much more.  

Here’s a look at the state of hunger in three countries where FMSC partners work.

Measuring hunger: Global Hunger Index

No single measure can encapsulate the full experience of a community, but they each bring specific insights. This month, we’re highlighting the Global Hunger Index (GHI). GHI scores, ranging 1–100 (lower is better), are calculated to reflect four key indicators:

  • Undernourishment: insufficient caloric intake across full population
  • Child stunting: children under 5 who have low height for their age
  • Child wasting: children under 5 with low weight for their age
  • Child mortality: deaths among children under 5

Jamaica | The Caribbean

Global Hunger Index score (0–100, lower is better): 7

 While hunger in Jamaica is relatively low, poverty has grown in recent years. Natural disasters like tropical storms Grace and Ida caused critical damage to infrastructure and agriculture, and the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the tourism-driven economy. Jamaica relies heavily on imports, which can make food security precarious. FMSC partners work with small local farmers to support and protect sustainable agriculture development.

FMSC food is used to support our partners’ work in Jamaica, including:
  • Clean water projects
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Microenterprise initiatives

Featured partner: 

Food for the Poor

Eswatini | Africa

Boy in Eswatini

Global Hunger Index score (0–100, lower is better): 16.3

 Eswatini has a large population highly vulnerable to hunger. More than half of children under age 17 are orphaned — the majority due to AIDS-related deaths. Eswatini has the highest rate of HIV prevalence in the world. Nearly 60% of the country lives on less than $1.90 per day.

FMSC food is used to support our partners’ work in Eswatini, including:

  • Vocational and technical training
  • Women’s empowerment initiatives
  • Orphan care

Featured partners: 

Salesian Missions, Heart for Africa

Czech Republic | Europe

MannaPack Rice delivery in Czech Republic

Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic: 453,725 (as of Oct. 31, 2022)

Since February 2022, the Czech Republic has received hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. This huge influx has significantly increased need for basic goods and family support. FMSC partners are working directly with Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, providing food, water, hygiene supplies, emotional and spiritual support, and more.

Featured partners: 

Feed the Hungry, Reach Now International


36.8 million meals shipped in December 2022. 

That's enough to feed 100,756 kids a daily meal for a full year!


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