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My FMSC Story: John Pruitt

My FMSC Story: John Pruitt

John Pruitt is a warehouse assistant for Feed My Starving Children. This post is part of a series where Feed My Starving Children staff share their FMSC story. Follow along on social media with #MyFMSCStory.

I lead a Bible study for men on Wednesday evenings. One evening in November of 2015 I found fliers for the PT warehouse assistant position at FMSC in Mesa.

Our Church regularly has members pack at the site and my wife and friends have all participated. It’s done as part of our Church’s service to the community each month called “Saturday Serve."

I announced the warehouse position at the study and gave out all but one of the fliers; I kept that one.

I worked in warehousing while I was attending college, then started working for the Mesa Police Department. In 2010 I retired from law enforcement and enjoyed various ministry opportunities in retirement.

After seeing the flier and doing extensive research about FMSC in 2015, I felt I would like to be able to contribute to the FMSC mission. My concept of the job was very simple -- lift boxes, drive a forklift and sweep the floor.

In so many ways it has been much more than that.

The reality of serving the Lord with fellow believers from all types of churches and backgrounds has been a true blessing. Our shared sense of mission and privilege in being allowed by the Lord to do what we do, is the very definition of serving humbly before the Lord.

In addition, we get to serve one another as well. We pray together and for each other. We trust God in what we do and who He is growing us to be. The fellowship in being fellow workers is a gift from Him who loves us beyond all measure."
One of the unexpected venues of service in the warehouse is our witness to the truck drivers. We’ve met brothers among the drivers. Some of them have prayed with us over containers. Some drivers are thrilled to be part of the solution to world hunger. Upon hearing what we do here, one of the drivers who spoke English as a second language said, “Food for the little children. This is good thing you do.” Then he asked, “What church is this?” I felt blessed.

True religion, loving humble service and glory to Jesus Christ our Lord; who could ask for more?

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