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My FMSC Story: Jenni

My FMSC Story: Jenni

Jenni is a receptionist for Feed My Starving Children. This post is part of a series where Feed My Starving Children staff share their FMSC story. Follow along on social media with #MyFMSCStory.

Do you love what you do for a living or dread going to work each morning?

Like some or maybe most of us, I felt more of the latter.

I enjoyed the people I worked with and I didn’t mind the tasks that I had to complete, but I didn’t love most of my jobs.

I never knew what that would be like until I started working at Feed My Starving Children!

Believe it or not, I wake up five days a week excited to head into the office. It’s an amazing feeling and I hope that I never lose it.

I am the receptionist at the headquarters in Coon Rapids and have one of the best jobs -- hands down.

I have the opportunity to share my passion for feeding kids with others, whether it’s over the phone, in an email or helping in the MarketPlace.

I love having the opportunity to thank volunteers and donors for supporting our mission to feed God’s starving children, hungry in body and spirit.

I have talked with so many awesome people; it’s humbling to watch a community come together for a purpose greater than themselves.

I am in school finishing my Bachelor’s degree and have three children ages 10, 8, and 15 months old.

My job is what fuels my energy to be an intentional and present parent, wife and student.

Opening the incoming mail and seeing the generosity of donors makes me cry at times.

Standing at the folding machine with endless stacks of thank you letters to manually feed through amazes me.

The phone ringing off the hook with calls about registering to volunteer or wanting to host a MobilePack event leaves me awestruck.

The long lines of volunteers waiting to purchase items in the Market Place leaves me speechless.

The list goes on and on. I honestly cannot say enough about the amazing community surrounding the FMSC mission.

I have to point all of this back to God, for His hand in all of the details and for allowing me to be a part of it.

I thank him for leading me to Nicaragua in July/August of 2012 where I would serve the MannaPack Rice to kids in feeding centers, for sparking the fire in my heart to continue serving at FMSC, and for the 4:30 a.m. wake-up call from my baby in 2016 that lead me to find the receptionist job posting on the website...his hand was in it all.

I gave up working for a paycheck and started working for a purpose -- to be the hands and feet of Christ and feed his kids.

I am so blessed by this opportunity and pray that all I do brings honor and glory to his name.

Do you want an FMSC story? Come work with us! Current staff — send your story with photos to We can’t wait to hear your FMSC story.

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