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Stories of Feeding God's Children Hungry in Body & Spirit

The Story of 2016

The Story of 2016

There is HOPE in the midst of hunger. That is the story Feed My Starving Children embraced in 2016.

Every time you put up a lemonade stand, pack meals for your birthday or go online to donate you become part of this story.

And this story is big.

It’s your voice, it’s FMSC’s voice – and most importantly – it’s the voices of the children overseas whose bellies rumble with hunger.

Together, we are thousands and thousands of voices speaking out against hunger.

Together, we are thousands and thousands of hands putting this story of hope into action.

As we close the 2016 chapter of this story, we reflect on and celebrate the creative and bold ways you helped save the lives of thousands of children around the world.

We've randomly paired up a volunteer story with a child's story to help you visualize the difference you make when you give to FMSC. (Click on the links below to read the full stories).

Ella and her plants / Hunger through a mother's eyes


Margarita's sustaining gift in honor of her mother / Refugees on the Thai - Burma border


Jeff and Hunter connect the dots / A safe place in Uganda


A 50th wedding anniversary to feed kids / Angel, saved just in time


Kept out of the packing room, but not the story of hope / More than food


We can't wait to join you in writing the 2017 chapter! 

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