Stories: The impact of your love

Their progress is amazing. This is FMSC’s dream and prayer for every child around the world. You make these stories become reality. So many children have a future because of your generosity. Here are a few of their stories:

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Paul Evens
YOU Changed Despair into HOPE

At almost two years old, Paul Evens weighed only 17 pounds.

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Alex From the Philippines

Read Alex's story of hope.

You Restored Their Hope for Survival

Marie’s three-week old son, St. Luk, had spiked a fever of 103. He was really struggling.

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Angel: Saved Just in Time

One-year old Angel lives deep in the mountains of the Philippines in a very isolated community.

In Uganda: Healing Lauza

Lauza never smiled.

He Struggled. YOU Brought Him HOPE.

Little Mpile didn’t know why his parents had left him.

Strengthening a Family

Deep in the jungle of El Salvador, eight-year-old Rocio and her six siblings struggled. Every day they wondered if there would be any food.

Feed My Starving Children
You Made the Greatest Difference

Because of your love, support and action to fund and pack FMSC meals, this is possible.

Hope for Nilo

Little Nilo’s mother died while giving birth to him, leaving her heartbroken husband as the sole provider for their three children.

Walking and Running in Zambia

When Munu arrived at the Village of Hope’s Save a Life Center in Zambia, he weighed only 16 pounds.

Simons Story 22 Pounds of Hope

Simon was malnourished and being treated for an infection. He needed constant monitoring, so he was placed in foster care with volunteer nurses.

Feed My Starving Children
'He Was Just Bones'

In a remote Ugandan village, their mother died in childbirth. Their alcoholic father was often gone for weeks.

School Meals Save Lives

At 14 years old, Moisés’ eyes now sparkle. He’s still underweight at 66 pounds but he’s improving.

Feed My Starving Children
Kid's Breakthrough

“FMSC MannaPacks gave Kid the breakthrough he urgently needed.” –ICM

Feed My Starving Children
Desperation Turned to Hope

One of Manuela’s younger daughters, six-year-old Juana, was born with Down Syndrome.

Feed My Starving Children
'They Had Nothing For Food at All'

No one was around to help. The children began to starve.

Feed My Starving Children
YOU Fed Him. He Survived!

Fedner was deserted by both of his parents when he was just two years old.

Shaimie's Story

Three-year-old Shaimie used to weight just 11 pounds.

Sitting With Pigs

In the impoverished village of Old Letant, Haiti, Nelson’s mother was unable to feed all four of her children.